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The Ellen Mission

One of our current goals with "Project Hope" is to get our director Sarah Barbulesco on to the Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote the movie. Please contact us if you have connections to this show.

Latest Updates

NEW INFO! Director Sarah Barbulesco recently had a conversation with representation from the show. We were told that our pitch and video were impressive and that there may be a spot for us in an upcoming show! We are endlessly grateful to those who supported us in our mission thus far! As always, any ideas regarding The Ellen Mission are appreciated and can be sent to Director Sarah Barbulesco.

Past Efforts

Our Letter Writing and Video Campaign lasted from April 5th to April 18th. Over 100 people came out to support the project from 5 countries across the world.

Thank you so much to those of you who were involved.

If you feel inclined, you can continue to send our video to Ellen by following these steps...

1. Go to: http://ellen.warnerbros.com/show/respond/?PlugID=15

2. Fill in the required fields

3. Paste the following into the "Web Address of the Video" field:

4. Paste the following into the "Your Story" field:

Dear Ellen,

I hope that you will view the attached video. I am one of many who supports "Project Hope," a film to benefit Alzheimer's disease research and to feature an authentic LGBT family. You can learn more about the film at: www.mimbolide.com/project_hope

As a note, the vid cites supporters from the US, Canada, and Australia. We now also have supporters in Mexico, Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands!

We hope that you will invite our director Sarah Barbulesco (sbarbulesco@mimbolide.com) to your show to promote what we are doing to help these worthy causes.


5. Write your name under the "Sincerely" and click Send

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P.O. Box 3050
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